Beer Bottle for Scale

Elizabeth was four days old when this was taken.

Here is a close-up of her snoozing face.

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Elizabeth arrived home without a whole lot of fanfare, as her big sister was in the middle of a nap.  But Evelyn was very excited when she woke up, and was eager to play with her baby sister.  Here she is tickling Elizabeth’s feet.

Here are the two sisters on the couch with their cousin and grandparents:

Evelyn is a great big sister, and helps with diapers and burping.  She also makes sure Elizabeth keeps her socks on; this is a very important point for Evelyn.

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Before long, Elizabeth got to meet all her family.  Mom and Dad were already kind of old hat, but not in a bad way.

Meeting Grandma Joleen and Grandpa Bruce was pretty nice.

But the best thing was meeting her big sister Evelyn!

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Getting Started

Elizabeth was born at 9:55 AM and was wide awake and alert for the next hour and a half.  There were, after all, a whole lot of new things to see.

But after a while, she needed some rest, and faded out.  More adventures were sure to follow soon.

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